Freudenberg’s Simmerring radial shaft seals

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed a broad portfolio of Simmerring® radial shaft seals to meet the diverse challenges of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. This includes various product families in different materials that meet the industry-specific legal requirements. 
The original Simmerring® serves as a flexible and highly durable solution for sealing drive shafts. There are special designs made of elastomer materials for use in the process industry, such as 75 Fluoroprene® XP 45, 70 EPDM 291, or 70 NBR 335. These have been specially developed for contact with foods and pharmaceuticals and are also certified following industry- and country-specific standards. The Simmerring® product family consists of different designs for the process industry: BAUM as a friction-optimised standard design with a rubberised outer sleeve, BAUMSL with a protective lip for heavily contaminated environments, and BAC as a partially or fully encapsulated radial shaft seal for increased hygiene requirements. The Simmerring® offers many advantages, such as high resistance to media, good adaptability to customer-specific requirements, and the availability of numerous tools in standard dimensions.
Based on the design of the proven Simmerring®, the Simmerring® MSS3 is available both with and without a dust lip. The combination of non-food & beverage standard catalogue items with food-grade PTFE lip provides protection against aggressive media and is suited for direct contact with foods and pharmaceuticals. The advantages include quick availability, adaptability to customer-specific application conditions, and the availability of numerous tools for standard dimensions. A distinction is made between the MSS3 as a modified standard BA design with bonded special fleece or a PTFE disc as a protective lip against the finest dirt accumulation and the MSS3 Hygienic Design with an integrated PTFE disc that covers the Simmerring® hygienically and free of dead space.
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