Fuels reprocessing plant in Nevada

Environmental Oil Processing Technology Corporation is in the process of developing a major new regional waste oil reprocessing plant in Nevada. The first phase, a 30mw power plant, is estimated to be on-line in September 2001. The second phase will be construction of a fuels reprocessing plant, to be constructed over a one-year period. Both facilities will be built and operated on a company owned 20-acre site at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. For this project, the company collects used oil from automotive and industrial users, then reprocess those used oil products into useable fuels. These processes consume nearly 100% of all superfluous materials separated during the reprocessing operation, fully recycling the used oils into commercially reusable petroleum products: diesel fuel, naphtha (gasoline), and residuum burner fuel. The fuels are then used to generate electrical power.

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