Garlock expands services

Garlock (UK) Ltd’s recent acquisitions have earned it the position of the largest industrial gasket cutter in the UK. Garlock, the sealing technology business, is now manufacturing in the UK using its own wide range of high specification materials to provide customers with custom fabricated gaskets. NGM, acquired in November 2008, and PTM (UK), earlier this year, have merged their respective manufacturing resources within Garlock providing it with a significant capability. As part of the investment strategy, Garlock is implementing its group-wide “Lean” methodology, “Total Customer Value”, with a focus on the requirements of providing a flexible response to its customers throughout its operational and administrative processes. Garlock’s gasket fabricating service provides a bespoke service meeting the requirements of customers from single to volume call-offs. The fabricating service includes four flat bed CNC machines, using abrasive water jet technologies, as well as CAD/CAM beam press capability. In addition Garlock is able to offer rubber moulding and engineered textile facilities and is increasingly becoming part of the customer value chain.
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