Garlock reduces torque of its PTFE-lined valves

Garlock launched its evolved Butterfly actuators at Valve World in Düsseldorf. The advances in the liner and disc have helped reduce friction values to the point where significantly lower torques are required to shut off or throttle the flow.

Case liners and flap discs made from other materials can now be more easily exchanged for parts made from high-quality PTFE, which offers better chemical, abrasive and thermal resistance, without having to replace the actuator. This is because Garlock was able to compensate for the higher coefficients of friction resulting from PTFE-on-PTFE contact by using the new liner technology.

With its above-average service life, reduced maintenance costs and smooth operation, Garlock performs well wherever corrosive, abrasive or toxic media have to be managed – such as in the chemical, petrochemical and chlorine industries, and in the electroplating and paper industries. The GAR-SEAL product line offers a variety of solutions for these applications. The SAFTEY-SEAL valve is for situations where abrasive and static charging needs to be avoided. The MOBILE-SEAL line is tailored to the needs of the transportation industry. STERILE-SEAL products enable sterilisation from the outside so that process media do not come into contact with steam, making them excellent for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The Garlock valves are certified according to EN 61508 (SIL-3).

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