Gasum, Tampere sign biogas agreement

Gasum and Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management have signed an agreement under which biogas produced at a new biogas plant constructed in Koukkujärvi, Nokia, Finland, will be sold to Gasum.

Scheduled to be operational in 2020, Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management’s new biogas plant will process the biowaste of 17 municipalities and the wastewater sludge of the City of Nokia. The plant will produce renewable biogas and organic fertilizers.

The annual production capacity of the plant will be around 25 GWh of biogas, with the bulk of this to be injected into the Gasum transmission network. The amount is equivalent to the consumption of around 2,000 gas-fueled cars and covers the current biogas sales of Gasum’s filling stations in the Tampere region as well as the growing demand of the years ahead. Increasing the use of biogas as a road vehicle fuel is one solution in action towards emission-free transport.

For Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management, the transport use of biogas enables emission reductions and a frontrunner role in the entire waste management supply chain. The aim for the next few years is to achieve strong growth in the use of biogas to fuel waste transport.

The energy company Gasum is the biogas producer in the Nordic countries and owns the transmission network used for distribution of gas as well a gas filling station network in Finland. Gasum is investing strongly in increasing the transport use of gas by constructing new gas filling stations in Finland and creating a filling station network for heavy-duty vehicles in the Nordics.

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