Gate valve for semiconductor industry

The series XGT high vacuum gate valve was developed in response to demands from the semiconductor industry. The new valve serves as a partition between, for example, a load lock chamber and transfer chamber, and a load lock chamber and process chamber – for wafers (8 and 12in). There are no frictional movements inside the valve, between the gate’s seal material and the seat surface (this is due to the linear motion opening/closing and clamping of the seat being performed separately by components dedicated for each action); therefore, no dust is generated. In addition, an end lock mechanism, for opening/closing of the gate, keeps the position, even if the air supply is turned off. A large seat force is obtained from a small diameter pneumatic cylinder, due to the lever principle and wedge effect, which is used for the seat and release forces of the valve. The unit can withstand backpressure between atmospheric pressure and vacuum during maintenance, and gives a long life, withstanding around two million operation cycles. Technical specifications include: operating temperature from 5 to 150C (60C or less for drive section); operating pressure 0.4 to 0.6Mpa; unrestricted pumping direction; end lock included; and an opening size of 46 x 236mm (series XGT0402) or 50 x 336mm (series XGT506).

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