GEA AWP ValveCalc, Version 5.0 released

GEA Refrigeration Technologies released Version 5 of the GEA AWP ValveCalc design software. Engineering designers and plant-systems contractors can now even more conveniently select and dimension valves for refrigeration facilities. The most recent software release of ValveCalc can now even design entire network sections. The new program, for example, allows visualisation of supply and discharge lines – including valves, T-fittings, reduction fittings and other components – in one graphical interface, and enables their incorporation into the engineering design process. The new software allows convenient selection of optimally applicable valves and fittings, as well as calculation of pressure drops and optimal pipe diameters at the same time.

Version 5 of GEA AWP ValveCalc guides the user to find the optimal fittings from the current GEA parts catalogue, which includes more than 4000 GEA components. After initial selection of the general type of fitting – for example, safety valve, overflow valve, pressure-maintenance valve, or filter unit – and after input of the operating conditions and the refrigerant, the software suggests the best-applicable components. The characteristics of the most common natural and synthetic refrigerants are already stored in the program and are automatically incorporated into design calculations. GEA AWP ValveCalc also takes into account the standards and directives inputted by the user for the project at hand.

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