GEA improves shelf life D-tec double-chamber valve D/DV

GEA has completed its D-tec valve range with the double-chamber valve D/DV. The valve is a special double-seat valve in which the leakage chamber is designed as a sterile chamber and hermetically separated from the environment by two side valves. The sealing properties of the stem diaphragm make it possible to increase the shelf life of soft drinks, fruit juices, milk-based and lactic acid fermented products. If manufacturers adopt the process chain accordingly, D-tec® enables them to achieve the desired shelf life of a product even with fewer preservatives. The diaphragms are made of a thermoplastic that is more flexible than stainless steel.

With the double-chamber valve D/DV, GEA completes its still young valve program, so that customers can now fully equip their production processes with D-tec®. After the single-seat control valve D-tec® P/DV in 2018, GEA now presents the last piece of the puzzle for the D-tec® range – the double-chamber valve D/DV. GEA can therefore consistently plan greenfield projects with D-tec®; a retrofit for the single-seat valve is available for existing plants.

With the D-tec® double-chamber valve, GEA now offers aseptic valves for both hygiene classes “Aseptic” and “UltraClean”, which are tailored to the special conditions of the respective applications. D-tec® is ideally suited for products such as iced tea, fruit juice, fruit yogurt and ESL milk, where product parameters such as pH value, cold chain, storage and shelf life play a decisive role.

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