GEA introduces a new aseptic valve

GEA introduced its new aseptic and inverted RVIN control valve at drinktec 2017. This new valve type is particularly characterized by the inverted structure of the control cone and is specifically suitable for application processes in which commercial aseptic stroke valves would have to close with the product flow.

As for all components for aseptic processes, development of this inverted control valve also had to meet the highest quality and safety requirements. Therefore, the RVIN control valve is based on the proven GEA Aseptomag® valve series and their modular system. A welded metal bellows forms the core component, seals the product chamber hermetically against the atmosphere and ensures product safety.

Aseptic control valves serve precise setting and control of parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature or fill level in aseptic process systems. They are used in the food, dairy and beverage industries as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Also, the inverted control valve has its control contour on the side facing away from the bellows, so that it can be closed against the flow direction even in application processes where the product enters the valve on the bellows side.

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