GEA launches D-tec stem diaphragm valves

Hygienic Design is well established in the food and beverage industry as well as the increasing requirements for products and processes. With the new D-tec stem diaphragm valves, GEA sets new benchmarks in terms of flow rate, flexibility and compatibility.

The D-tec stem diaphragm valve is based on the modular VARIVENT® design system and scores with many advantages – for instance the high flexibility regarding valve configuration. Due to the hermetically sealing D-tec diaphragm, the D-tec stem diaphragm valve achieves a higher hygienic standard. This leads to a higher product quality and realises longer shelf life, often demanded especially in the food, beverage and dairy industry. From a technical point of view, the valve distinguishes itself with the elaborated connection of plastic and stainless steel as well as the reduced mechanical stress of the diaphragm during activation. Consequently, the valve sets new standards in regards to lifetime at proven temperature resistance and cleanability.

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