GEA redesigns its SANICIP bag filter

GEA has made a series of important changes to its trusted SANICIP® bag filtration system for food- & dairy spray dryers in a long-term development project that will provide valuable operational benefits to users of the new equipment.
The new SANICIP® II (patent pending) maintains and controls the pressure drop through the filtration bags more effectively by promoting longer production times and reducing CIP intervals.
Following extensive studies with customers, GEA identified key areas where design modifications could be made in this new generation of SANICIP® technology.
GEA has also looked closely at the design of its dedusting system, essentially comprising super-sonic nozzles and rapid diaphragm valves. The system ensures the powder that builds upon the bags is pulsed down into the bottom of the filter. Using CFD techniques combined with full-scale testing has allowed GEA to make precise adjustments to the profile of the super-sonic nozzles and their position, and the design of the diaphragm valve. This, combined with the shorter bags and the novel inlet system, ensures that the powder on the bags is carefully controlled and never exceeds the desired level. As a result, the need for frequent cleaning, which would otherwise seriously affect production schedules, is drastically reduced and the pressure loss through the bags can be maintained indefinitely. The improved dedusting capability was already made available in more recent SANICIP® models and with these additional updates, is now fitted as standard on the SANICIP® II.
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