GEA’s hard valve seat seal for D-tec valve range

GEA has launched the TEFASEP® gold valve seat seal. It consists of a specially developed thermoplast that is so resistant to temperature and chemicals that it can withstand sterilization processes of 121 °C up to 160 °C which is vital for highly hygienic or aseptic processing of, for example, UHT milk, baby food and soft drinks. Another advantage of TEFASEP® gold is that it can easily be applied in traditional ultraclean processes with simple hot cleaning without sterilization.

The new seal is designed for the D-tec® range of rod membrane valves that offer very high contamination protection.

The new TEFASEP® gold valve seat seal differs from the tried and tested TEFASEP® model in appearance because of its bronze gold colour and is available for all valve types in the D-tec® range. The material meets the international standards of the FDA (21 CFR § 177.1550), the EC (1935/2004 and 10/2011) and the 3A standard (numbers 20 – 24). In addition, TEFASEP® gold complies with USP standards (USP Class IV –121 °C) and is thus suitable for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

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