Gemco Valve launches conversion app

Increased demand for applications and utilities that can be used in both business and daily life across a wide variety of platforms, prompted Gemco Valve to re-vamp its existing unit conversion tool.

“There are hundreds of unit conversion apps out there, but the Gemco Valve Converter is tailored specifically for use in the powder/bulk solids processing industries,” said Jim Lenihan, Gemco Valve President. “We have customized units for values like grit size and surface finish, in addition to the standard density, mass, temp, volume etc. And with this new version, we wanted to make the Converter more accessible to our customers-however or wherever they choose to use it.”

The new edition of this industry specific application, was redesigned by the Development Team at Elwood Studio and has been in the works for several months. A web only beta version is being released today to a select group of solids industry users. The Gemco Valve Converter is downloadable for both Mac or PC or via a smart phone browser. An Android version of the converter is also now available via the web and through Google Play App Store on your Android phone or tablet. “We’re looking for input about usability and suitability–how well the new app works, especially for mobile users, and whether it offers solutions to the problems customers are trying to resolve,” added Lenihan.

Get the mobile App web version: or Android App version at Google Play.

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