GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X — the electro-pneumatic positioner

With a smart app operating system, the GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X is an intelligent, digital electro-pneumatic positioner in two-wire technology used to control pneumatically operated process valves.

The two-wire technology offers advantages when it comes to simplified wiring. The field device’s power is supplied via a signal source and requires no further electrical supply.

It can be paired with many pneumatically operated valves, thus expanding their range of functions and providing optimal support with control processes in automated plant areas.

This electro-pneumatic positioner is especially key for potentially explosive areas that are difficult to access, using a Bluetooth interface the GEMÜ app allows your personnel to operate it and view detailed information remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

The GEMÜ 1441 cPos-X is now available with ATEX/IECEx explosion protection for gas environments, offering an extra but vital step of control for your plant and personnel

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