GEMÜ 651 aseptic valves with integrated automation

The GEMÜ 651 aseptic valve is a successful symbiosis of the GEMÜ 650 diaphragm valve used in sterile systems and proven instrumentation.

It has a fully integrated automation module in three different designs. The combi-switchbox combines optical position indication by LEDs with electrical position indicators and integrated pilot valves. The version with an integrated positioner also has a SpeedAP function to enable fast commissioning. The automation module works using a microprocessor-controlled intelligent position sensor paired with an analogue travel sensor system. In addition, its teach-in function simplifies commissioning.

The GEMÜ 651 valve also has an integrated travel and system control. The automation module has AS-interface capability. Due to its compact design, the valve is very well suited for use in the smallest spaces, for example, as components of multi-port valve blocks. The valve design was developed taking into account the guidelines and recommendations of FDA, EHEDG and GMP. Features such as the integrated air-ports make pneumatic connectors between the actuator and pilot valve unnecessary.

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