GEMÜ ball valves with integrated position feedback

The Ingelfingen-based valve expert GEMÜ is offering a technically advanced solution for ball valves for manual operation with suitable position feedback and these are already pre-assembled, preset and tested. At first glance, there is a multitude of the ball valve and electrical position indicator providers, however, many of these providers offer either one or the other. As a result, the individual components therefore often have to be acquired from two different suppliers. This means that the two components must be assembled locally on the construction site before they can be placed in the plant; a process which is very time-consuming.

GEMÜ is reducing the effort required on site and offering its customers manually operated ball valves with an integrated electrical position indicator. The pre-assembled valves save on the time and effort required for logistics and documentation and enable faster and simpler installation of the plant on site.

For the GEMÜ 711 and GEMÜ 740 3-piece ball valves, the GEMÜ 762 one-piece compact flange ball valve and the GEMÜ 797 high-pressure ball valve, GEMÜ is offering the GEMÜ LSF inductive dual sensors or the GEMÜ LSC limit switch box.

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