GEMÜ has a new approach to service learning

The valve, measurement and control components that GEMÜ produces are important elements of a technical processing plant. Proper installation and maintenance are therefore necessary in order for the plant to operate efficiently and in optimal cycles.

In this regard, the best possible form of interaction between manufacturers, plant designers and operators is required so that the product can be operated faultlessly throughout its entire life cycle, from commissioning through to servicing.

GEMÜ’s Service Business Segment bundles together the activities in the after-sales sector, which is divided into three areas, namely training, VR training, and in-house field service.

Through a multi-stage training system and individual training models, customers are introduced in thorough detail to the functional principle of GEMÜ valve, measurement and control components..

This consequently ensures that assembly and service personnel have all the necessary knowledge and tools to install and service these high-quality products.

A specially developed VR (virtual reality) training program for GEMÜ CONEXO is just one example that GEMÜ is facilitating even more in-depth (i.e. immersive) learning among its participants. Using an application, the necessary actions can be performed, studied and subsequently tested.

A trained squad of service engineers help customers in commissioning of valve, measurement and control components, as well as support them in inspections, servicing and upgrades. Repair and maintenance of GEMÜ components are carried out at the Criesbach service centre or directly on site. The service specialists are available for valve-related plant screenings and technical questions.

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