GEMÜ valves for water and chemical

New GEMÜ valve systems have a modular design which provides users with multi-functional solutions from a single source for all applications in water treatment, distribution and disposal. Seawater desalination, power stations, cooling water systems, environmental systems, recycling systems, waste water and sewage treatment plant, industrial water and drinking water as well as High purity and pharmaceutical quality water are typical areas of application. GEMÜ offers diaphragm valves in plastic up to DN 100 and metal up to DN 300 for highly pure to heavily contaminated/abrasive water. This valve type is suitable for higher cycle duties. The manufacturer also provides butterfly valves in plastic up to DN 250 and metal up to DN 1400 which are suitable for use with clean or slightly contaminated water and gas. GEMÜ diaphragm and butterfly valves can be fitted with manual operators and pneumatic or motorized actuators. Solenoid operated globe valves can be provided for PH value neutralisation and dosing of small quantities of chemical additives, e.g. chlorine.

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