GEMÜ wins ACHEMA Innovation Award 2018

GEMÜ has won the ACHEMA Innovation Award 2018 with their PD design.The company’s innovation featuring diaphragm sealing (plug diaphragm) means that, on valves, a hermetic partition from the actuator and, simultaneously, a more precise ability to regulate flow.

The PTFE diaphragm can be installed in all conceivable applications, in aseptic and hygienic process plants. The new GEMÜ sealing principle has proved to be ideal for control tasks, ultra-pure water applications and filling processes in particular.

On the pharmaceutical engineering shortlist, the GEMÜ 567 BioStar control valve with PD design was also nominated as one of five products from reputable manufacturers. The valve is especially suitable for the precise control of small quantities in the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the cosmetics sector. One of the shortlists also included the F40 and F60 valve types for aseptic fillings in the pharmaceutical and biochemical sectors, as well as for drinks filling. The real-time GEMÜ F60 with PTFE diaphragm solution, which enables complete filling cycles in less than 400 ms, scored points in the packaging and fluid filling applications category.

In addition to the products mentioned, GEMÜ also uses a modified version of the PD design in the iComLine product range. The valves and multi-port valve blocks made from PTFE, PVDF, PP or PVC are, for example, successfully used in systems with ultra-pure processes as well as in chemical handling and when dosing corrosive media.

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