Generation 3 RDS technology for rotary valves

GEA Nu-Con’s launched Generation 3 Rotor Detection System (RDS) for rotary valves that can detect the contamination occurring during production as well as monitor the condition of the critical components within the rotary valve and warn operators when their replacement becomes necessary.

Contamination is usually caused either by the rotor making contact with the body of the valve resulting in metal entering the product, or by an increase in substances such as moisture or fats. By measuring the electrical resistance in the valve against a known value, the system is able to detect changes that would indicate a fault.

The system can continually monitor the condition of the valve’s seals using flow metering. As the seals wear, the flow increases. So, by analysing the data, the degree of wear can be ascertained without the need of a physical inspection. Pressure on the seals is also monitored to make sure the correct pressure is maintained.

Generation 3 RDS incorporates a number of systems to log the running time of the valve and give advance warning of when critical components need to be checked or replaced. Data showing the running resistance, speed, operating pressure and any contact or circuit faults in the rotary valve is continually logged by the system to help problem diagnosis and resolution.

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