GF Piping Systems welcomes Rachel Bros De Puechredon

Joining GF Piping Systems Rachel Bros De Puechredon will be responsible for developing and executing the global business strategy for hydrogen. Rachel Bros De Puechredon has over 20 years of business experience and has successfully initiated, led, and launched global high-tech renewable energy projects. At GF Piping Systems, her primary focus will be to apply her highly specialized knowledge of the Hydrogen ecosystem, technologies, and sales processes to identify and validate new business opportunities and position GF as a key hydrogen player.

“Piping systems are needed across the entire Hydrogen value chain”, explains Bros de Puechredon. “From Hydrogen production to distribution and embedded storage as well as end usage, GF Piping systems is the right partner when it comes to tailor-made polymer solutions and customer support. We aim to contribute to the growth of this emerging global Hydrogen market which is a key enabler of the needed energy transition.”

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