Graphical programming for process monitoring

“Industry 4.0” is the latest industrial era in which industrial processes are implemented digitally in every respect. Bürkert supports this development with the Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP), which enables intelligent networking down to the sensor and actuator level. EDIP combines and standardises the hardware, software and communication of Bürkert products. The I/O modules now make it possible to integrate all sensors and actuators in EDIP networks. In addition, the graphical programming interface f(x) offers virtually unlimited possibilities for the individual implementation of customer requirements.

The modular design of the platform allows the adaptation of devices according to individual customer requirements and also enables short delivery times. The customer also benefits from a standardised product interface that provides a convenient operation and display concept, faster and easier start-up and the uncomplicated transfer and backup of device settings.

The introduction of the Type ME24 I/O modules and the Type 8922 graphical programming f(x) supplement the existing features of EDIP to include completely new capabilities for process automation and monitoring. The I/O modules are used with the type 8905 Online Analysis System for water treatment and the types 8741, 8742 and 8746 mass flow controllers and flow meters.

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