Greif’s new GCUBE aluminium foil seal

Greif has introduced a new innovation to its butterfly valve for deployment on the successful range of GCUBE intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

The new product innovation sees Greif replace the standard generic aluminium foil seal with an entirely new GCUBE branded aluminium foil seal, designed specifically to eliminate the risk of product counterfeiting, while also offering customers the reassurance of improved product protection.

Greif’s butterfly valve already affords customers a number of key benefits over other leading manufacturers. With a polyethylene based product interface, it is universally compatible for use both in chemical and food products. Additionally, from an operative’s perspective, it an easily and quickly be opened by hand and, crucially for the environment, it is 100% recyclable.

The GCUBE branded aluminium foil seal is suitable for a range of markets including food and beverage, speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical and personal care, flavors and fragrances, and lubricants.

Greif’s GCUBE intermediate bulk containers are efficient, safe and rugged, ideal for shipping bulk quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous products.

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