Guichon valves for molten salt applications

Today, several types of molten salts like sodium, potassium, and lithium are used in various industrial applications.

Nowadays, the power industry takes advantage of these molten salts in substitution of conventional transfer fluid (heated oils, steam). That is the case on a Concentrating Solar Plant (CSP). The plant heats the molten salts with the sun power and store them during the day. They will be re-used during the night and provide heat to the steam generator in order to generate electric power all night long.

The global profitability of a CSP is depending on valves reliability, because in spite of all these benefits, working with molten salts is not easy. There are various technical challenges associated with it.

Backed with more than 40 years of experience in molten salt applications, Guichon Valves have designed several tailored valve solutions. The company is offering suggestions for appropriate selection of valves for molten salt environments. Some suggestions include choosing welded or forged valve bodies, stainless steel valve body, avoiding ball valves, bellow-seal valve for salts in liquids, and classic stem design, etc.

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