H2 Hauler and Emerson collaborate

H2 Hauler, an Australian company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and certification of storage and distribution equipment for compressed hydrogen, has partnered with global technology and software leader Emerson (NYSE: EMR) to pioneer an integrated hydrogen mobility business management system.

The potential of low-emissions hydrogen to expedite the energy transition has garnered widespread attention, with over 40 countries unveiling national hydrogen strategies. However, realizing this vision on a large scale necessitates advanced technologies and infrastructure to safely and efficiently transport and store high-pressure hydrogen, spanning from production sites to various industrial facilities, power generators, and fueling stations.

Emerson’s selection as the technology partner for H2 Hauler stems from its extensive expertise in automation, mobility solutions, and hydrogen-related technologies. Emerson will undertake the complete automation of H2 Hauler’s loading and monitoring systems, oversee custody transfer management, and monitor trailer tube assets to ensure the secure and sustainable transport of hydrogen.

To optimize the performance of H2 Hauler’s hydrogen dispensing skids and trailer onboard units, Emerson will deploy its robust solutions, including the DeltaV™ PK Controller, fire and gas systems, valves, actuators, and regulators. Additionally, Emerson will provide a secure, cloud-based data platform to facilitate remote equipment monitoring and control, enabling real-time data insights to enhance operational efficiency.

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