HAS offers an alternate solution to electrification

Localized control for both mobile and industrial applications is now a viable option thanks to the Hybrid Actuation System (HAS). HAS are integrated with field-proven components into localized configurations that both look and feel like an electrical actuator yet provide the failsafe characteristics and power density associated with traditional hydraulics. Consolidating the entirety of the hydraulic system into a single component that is integral to the actuator that hooks up to a local control point, HAS solutions offer the simplicity of plug-and-play functionality. Each HAS unit requires only a modest addition to overhead costs, while each unit provides a compact footprint to any given facility.

HAS solutions, by localizing the power source, have eliminated not only the centralized power unit with its pump reservoir, electric motor, and related valving but also all of the tubes and hoses connecting them to the actuator. This dramatically reduces system complexity, simplifies troubleshooting and saves energy by deploying it incrementally as needed without all the horsepower losses commonly found in valve operated hydraulic designs.

Whether working in industrial automation or harsh mobile applications, this innovative piece of technology provides opportunities for downsizing and streamlining hydraulic control systems while increasing the amount of flexibility and the efficiency levels of processes and operations within a given application.

The Parker HAS 500 is a hybrid design that combines the controllability of traditional electromechanical actuators with the power density, longer-life, and failsafe conditions that are commonly found on traditional hydraulic system solutions. This results in an improved actuation solution for a 1 to 2 axis of motion control. The HAS 500 also features bore sizes ranging from 2 inches through 8 inches, with no limit on stroke, mount, or rod modifications.

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