Heavy-duty butterfly valves

Bray Controls has announced a new line of heavy-duty, large-diameter, resilient-seated butterfly valves. The new Series 35/36 are full-flanged versions rated at 75 and 150 psi, respectively and are available in sizes of 60″, 66″, and 72″. All Bray valve bodies are drilled to be compatible with ANSI 125/150 or other International flange standards. The series 35/36 may be bolted to allow downstream flange removal or cross-bolted for maximum resistance to line stresses. The high-strength disc casting is spherically machined, hand polished to provide 360degree concentric seating, bi-directional bubble-tight shut off, minimum torque and longer seat life. Tangential taper pins of 17-4 PH stainless steel are driven and mechanically locked for maximum torsional capacity and resistance to vibration. O-rings are installed with the driven-in taper pins to insure bubble-tight shutoff under pressure or vacuum conditions. The primary seal is achieved by pre-loaded contact of spherically machined hand polished disc hubs with moulded seat flat surfaces, which isolates the flowing media from the stem and body material at all angles of valve disc opening and seating.

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