HEROSE hands over ENERGY products range to Valvomec

HEROSE has completely handed over the ENERGY product range to its long-standing partner Valvomec. Over the past years, together with the partner company, it has built up the transformer valves product range that they can take over the business area and thus, the global distribution.
With this change, the goal is to continue offering the best possible service and products of the highest quality. By handing over the business area to Valvomec, this success is ensured by the technical competence and outstanding availability of the valves.
All orders received by the end of June 2021 will be processed by HEROSE. For all orders processed by HEROSE, they are of course fully available in case of warranty claims. From now on, you can coordinate any enquiries, audits, and negotiations directly with Valvomec.
For handing over the ENERGY product range, HEROSE and Valvomec will undertake everything to ensure that this runs as smoothly as possible for you.
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