High-flow rate ball valves available in plastic

Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd (CRP) is to launch Flowserve’s Microfinish range of ball valves, with its unique stem sealing system. Available in ANSI Class 150 and 300, and with a full actuation service from CRP, Microfinish ball valves offer unsurpassed flow rates on full bore designs, and minimal flow loss on the regular port models. In comparative ball valve testing, stem seal integrity is maintained without packing adjustment over more than 100,000 cycles. A blow out-proof, 316SS stem is standard on both carbon steel and stainless steel valve designs. Nine models are available in both ranges, with port diameters from 1/2″ (15mm) up to 8″ (200 mm). A choice of valve seat materials is offered, depending on the application: virgin PTFE for optimum chemical resistance, and glass or carbon reinforced PTFE for high pressures and elevated temperatures. Fire-sealed designs (meeting API 607, Fourth Edition criteria) are standard, with Grafoil(r) stem packing and valve body seal gaskets. In the event of the PTFE seats collapsing in a fire, a line seal is provided between the ball and the metal lip of the inlet port, and by the stem moving up to form a metal-to-metal seal.

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