High-flow space-saving solenoid valves

Lee Products has developed a range of miniature high-flow solenoid valves aimed at reducing space, weight and power consumption. Many fluid control components, simply by virtue of the sealing method they require, are larger than their function would dictate. Lee’s new miniature solenoid valves incorporate the patented Lee MultiSeal, which eliminates the need for O-rings and backup rings, reduces machining and radically simplifies port layout by allowing two ports to be sealed on the same centreline. This in turn allows the hydraulic portion of the valve to be smaller, resulting in a compact low-profile installation, which reduces the overall size of the manifold. The use of magnetic finite analysis combined with a special plunger design, results in a miniature, low-power consumption solenoid with an exceptionally efficient force/stroke relationship. This ensures positive ‘pull-in’, even under the extreme conditions of degraded supply pressure and high ambient temperature, while also exceeding a stringent minimum ‘drop-out’ specification.
The valve section is protected by an integral safety screen and has demonstrated consistent performance over 2.5 million cycles in qualification testing.

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