Honeywell (HON) introduces digital prime

Honeywell International HON has introduced a cloud-based digital twin Digital Prime for tracking, managing, and testing process control changes and system modifications.

Honeywell’s Digital Prime, which is a cost-effective solution, provides accurate test results and reduces reactive maintenance. It offers superior quality control for managing changes, running factory acceptance tests, and improving project execution and training without disrupting the production system.

Companies catering to oil & gas, sheet manufacturing, and chemicals industries can use HON’s Digital Prime platform to test modifications during a planned shutdown to reduce the chances of a rework. The Digital Prime solution addresses security breaches by providing a “lab system as a service” that constantly updates changes occurring in the production environment, thus providing a dependable digital twin.

Honeywell’s Digital Prime is equipped with secure cloud-based connectivity, a virtual engineering platform, and built-in security protection. Customers across the globe can access this digital platform through its subscription service using multi-factor authentication. This platform will be available to HON’s customers in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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