How double block and bleed valves work:

Posted by David Sear

A little while ago I was able to report from Virago Valves about their representation of the Franklin line of double block and bleed valves in much of Europe. (See original article.)
At the time, that interview with Ronald Bakker centered on the commercial side of the arrangement.
Now I am pleased to report that two of Ronald’s colleagues, Messrs Pasco and Scriwanek, have also agreed to a video interview.
In these follow-up reports, the focus has shifted well and truly to the technical issues associated with double block and bleed (DBB) technology.
Dave Pascoe, for example, turned out to be the right man to quizz about DBB ball valves.
And Charles Scriwanek kindly gave a good impression of how an expanding plug valve works.
I therefore trust the videos below will be of value to everyone with an interest in DBB technology.
PS: Please watch this space for future videos in which Dave and Charles reveal some of their activities when not in the office…..
Dave Pascoe (on right) explains DBB ball valves to David Sear.


Charles Scriwanek discusses how expanding plug valves work

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