Hunt Valve’s new Pump Bypass Control Valves

Many steel mills have implemented continuous bypass flow as a fail-safe method of ensuring that pumps don’t overheat or get damaged. While this method is fail-safe, it’s not ideal. To help steel producers save energy and improve efficiency, Hunt Valve has released pump bypass control valves for high-pressure centrifugal pump systems that require minimum flow to provide cooling for the pumps when there is no system demand.

With built-in fail-safe features, Hunt Valve’s pump bypass control valves deliver minimum flow for pump cooling when needed—providing the capability to direct 100% of the flow to the descale header when required. This method allows steel producers to direct higher flows and pressures to improve the descale efficiency and product surface quality or shut down a pump by eliminating continuous bypass flow from multiple pumps, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

Proportional Ceramic Pump Bypass (Minimum Flow) Valve, the proportional poppet valve for descaling pump bypass applications lasts three to five times longer than traditional poppet or automatic recirculation control (ARC) valves. The valve’s ceramic technology optimizes the component’s useful service life while the electromechanical actuation eliminates pilot shifting.

Hollow Spool Pump Bypass (Minimum Flow) Valve, built with innovative design technology and quality engineering, the Mega-Flo B Descale Valve is a fast-acting, smooth-shifting pro duct that consistently provides high-pressure water when needed.

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