Hybrid actuator catalogue

Available from Servotechnic, the new Haydon Switch hybrid actuator catalogue has been revised to include many new features. The catalogue includes: an overview of the complete range of hybrid and can stack linear stepper actuators; technical features regarding the correct selection of product; a full resume of the part numbering system; individual frame size data sheets now include ordering codes for different resolutions; a complete update section on dual motion actuators with full details of current available resolutions; and a revised section on chopper drives, including the new DCS4020. The revised catalogue is backed up by a newly updated website at www.hsi-inc.com where further information and downloadable CAD files can be found. The catalogue is available from UK agent Servotechnic in both printed and PDF format. Applications for the Haydon actuators include semiconductor, robotics, pick and place, surveillance, and medical and laboratory automation.
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