IBC valve seal provides product protection

Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to delivering an unparalleled range of high-quality products and solutions to our customers. Improving existing products is an important component of this mission. That’s why it has introduced the new easy peel sealing foil for IBC valves earlier this year. 
An IBC valve seal alerts users to potential product tampering or contamination. Often, seals require a knife to remove and can leave behind residue that mixes with the product being dispensed.
The new Mauser Packaging Solutions aluminum IBC valve seal can be peeled off by hand, without the need to use additional tools. Users simply pull a flap to remove the seal for quick and easy dispensing. Additionally, the new design eliminates the risk of glue or metal residue contaminating products as they are dispensed.
The easy-peel valve seal was rolled out globally in 2020 and is available for use with 2” and 3” butterfly valves. It’s fully recyclable, compliant with food standards, and tamper-evident; keeping products safe throughout the supply chain.
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