ICR-Norway successfully completes Statoil project

ICR-Norway (ICRN) was approached by Statoil with the task of providing a complete project consisting of engineering, production, deconstruction and installation of 2″ pipe spool with Quickflange.

Upon re-routing pipe work for a jet turbine pressure washer, ICRN was tasked with delivering a complete project from engineering to installation and testing. The technical challenges were to re-route and tie in new pipe line on existing line including decommission and subsequent blinding of redundant line. Cutting and on-site fitting was required as well. Once blinded, Statoil also required the blind flange to be modified and fitted with a 1/2″ ball valve. The job offshore consisted of 3 cuts, mounting of 4 Quickflanges, installation of T-spool and blind flange. Bolting and pressure testing completed the job. The installation had to be completed in one shift from shut down.

ICRN reviewed and planned the job based on 3D modelling before conducting an offshore survey. The T-spool was sourced and built made-to-order through an approved supplier. ICRN provided Quickflange and cutting tools. ICRN supervisor completed the job on time according to plan. ICRN was able to utilize its experience to deliver a low cost – high quality solution.

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