IMI CCI showcases choke valve at DUG Rockies conference

Attendees at the recent DUG Rockies conference, in Denver, Colorado, had the opportunity for a detailed discussion on how our choke valves can help the shale industry.

The customer support team at IMI CCI Americas shale business spoke to several customers about our 100DPC-S DRAG® Wellhead Production Choke Valve. Wellhead providers and production companies developing wells across Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico engaged with the team during the two-day event.

These early customer engagements allowed the IMI CCI team to showcase the flexible 100DPC-S20 platform and talk about its robust performance in existing shale operations in North and South America.

Jay Pruitt, Regional Account Manager, was pleased with the variety of customer interactions throughout DUG Rockies and the various IMI Critical Engineering solutions available to them.

He said: “The players are all very different from play-to-play. We have some that are looking at putting our technology on sand separators and others who are considering using it for flowback.”

Nick Calk, Outside Sales Engineer, added: “We continue to learn a lot from the exploration and production companies about how each field is very different and how their unique approach might have us do things differently.”

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