Industry 4.0 for pneumatics

Emerson has announced the introduction of an IO-Link® communication option, expanding the ASCO Numatics 580 Series fieldbus electronics platform. For use with the ASCO Numatics 500 Series valve islands, the new IO-Link module will allow machine automation designers a convenient, cost-effective and reliable solution for solenoid valve control through direct digital data communication with the machine controller. Additionally, it offers the ability for event-based and I/O mapped diagnostics – both important predictive maintenance requirements for Industry 4.0.

The 580 Series IO-Link is compatible with the full range of 501, 502, and 503 series valve islands. These valve islands offer flow rates from 400 to 1400 l/min in valve sizes of 11, 18, and 26 mm. The modular range offers the market’s highest flow capability for their product size, which keeps machine footprints compact and lowers system costs.

IO-Link is becoming more popular for automation systems, offering an internationally standardised I/O technology (IEC 61131-9) for communication at the sensor/actuator level in machine control. The 580 Series IO-Link module comes up with many advantages such as simple commissioning with unshielded 3-wire comms connection and 4- or 5-pin industry standard M12 connectors for power and communications.

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