Intelligent connecting of solenoid/spool valves

Asco/Joucomatic is introducing a connection system for actuators and solenoid valves. The Valve Connection System, VCS, comprises a connector for each valve/actuator, a two-wire profiled cable (the VCS line) and an interface, links actuators together in an easy, quick and economical way. The VCS is aimed at large installations and machines as up to 127 connectors for spool valves with two solenoid coils each (bistable valves) and up to 254 sensor inputs can be connected with a single cable, spanning a length of up to 2.5 km. Automatic feedback of the control signals provides for a high degree of data protection. With the VCS all types of valves (pneumatic valves, hydraulic valves and general purpose valves – water valves, gas valves, oil valves etc.) can be connected together. Furthermore, spool valves can be used in the VCS individually or several can be linked together to form valve manifolds.

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