InterApp solutions for semiconductor manufacturing

Faced with a global shortage of chips, GlobalFoundries increased its production capacity in Singapore by building a new manufacturing plant. InterApp product solutions were used for ultra pure water, waste water, and cooling water.
Ultrapure water (UPW) in particular is critical in the semiconductor industry. This high-purity water is produced as close as possible to pure H2O and is used to clean the surfaces of semiconductors. To ensure that even the smallest foreign particles do not enter the process and that absolutely flawless products can be manufactured, the use of high-purity components is crucial.
The InterApp butterfly valve Bianca in high-purity design and Desponia® in grease-free design are manufactured under the strictest purity conditions. They are characterised by their quality and a high degree of purity and contribute to the fact that exceptional quality and safety standards could be achieved in the newly built production facility.

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