Interventek to invest for business growth

Interventek has committed investment in the region of £750,000 to support business growth in 2019 and beyond, with the addition of six staff and new technology development and test centre.

The investment follows recent business wins for the supply of Interventek’s Revolution shear and seal safety valve to support well intervention projects in the US and Caspian for a range of customers including an international oil operator.

Interventek’s workshop has been expanded to create a technology development and test centre with a 5,000 square foot space kitted out with an overhead crane and the latest pressure and temperature test equipment including two pressure test bays, HPHT pressure test pumps, a hyperbaric test cell, a purpose built flow loop, a thermal cell for elevated temperature testing, an advanced data acquisition system with calibrated pressure transducers and metrological instruments for development diagnostics.

Interventek’s patented and award-winning Revolution valve technology is fundamentally different from other shear and seal safety valves because it maintains a distinct separation between it’s cutting and sealing elements. This means that any intervention media, such as coiled tubing or braided cable, can be cut without compromise to the seal. Only one device is required to provide secure well containment unlike traditional ball valve arrangements. The valve uses resilient primary sealing rather than elastomer components, which enables safe well intervention under more challenging conditions such as HPHT scenarios. Its ultra-compact nature with external rotary actuators allows the valve to be installed below the shear rams on small BOPs, meaning operators do not need to rely on the shear rams as a principle line of defence, which are more difficult and costly to remediate after activation.

Interventek has also developed the world’s first 20k rated in-riser shear and seal safety valve and more recently added another industry first to its portfolio with the addition of the Revolution PowerPlus.

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