Interventek’s Revolution PowerPlus safety valve

Interventek’s 6-1/8”, 15,000psi, Revolution PowerPlus shear-and-seal safety valve has been deployed by an international operator, as part of a subsea well decommissioning project in the Danish sector of the North Sea. The cost, technical performance, and compact configuration of the Revolution valve were instrumental in its selection for this project. 
The inclusion of Interventek’s unique PowerPlus capability, which provides local valve accumulation and rapid, fail-safe isolation in the event of hydraulic pressure loss during operations, was also a significant advantage. Incorporating a power source within the valve further reduces the overall system size and its superior shear and seal capability allowed the operator to reduce the number of valves to just one device. This saved time in system testing and rig-up and the combined benefits resulted in savings of around 40% compared to alternative solutions.
The valve was integrated within a modular well access system deployed from a jack-up rig in 145ft water depth, using the existing tree running tool to interface with the Xmas tree, while a rigid riser was deployed to tie back to the rig.
Interventek’s Revolution valve can be integrated within a range of open-water and in-riser systems, including more modern, lightweight arrangements. This enables greater cost and efficiency savings to be realised through operational flexibility. The Revolution valve performs both cutting and sealing, using separate internal components, in a single rotational operation, negating the need for a secondary valve to provide a post-cut seal.
The technology is available in variants to suit a range of system specifications, operational applications, and well conditions and meets highly rigorous API 17G industry standards.
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