Irrigation Valve Revamped for Industry

A new generation of low-pressure, high-flow, hydraulic diaphragm control valves by Ooval Valves is finding its way from farmers’ fields to industrial applications.  They are being utilized to help engineers and technicians meet the challenges of accurately regulating low- to medium-pressure flow, especially in installations where electrical and pneumatic control hookups and SCADA systems could present a logistical or economic challenge.  The technology was developed in Israel to support the desert nation’s extensive network of drip irrigation systems and operates from 5.8 PSI to 232 PSI, using line pressure to regulate the diaphragm with extreme accuracy.  The flexibility of the oval diaphragm and seal prevent grit and sediment from causing leaks, performing on-par with butterfly or gate valves with resilient seals and the gently curved chamber inside the valve improves Cv values up to 44% over standard valves, nearly doubling flow while reducing head loss by nearly 300%. Depending on site needs, the systems can be designed to remove turbidity, metals, toxic organic compounds or bacteria and the valves are designed for quick in-line inspection and maintenance.  Because the body of the valve is tapped, the chamber can be accessed with a single wrench, removing four bolts rather than the typical eight to open the housing. The diaphragm has no perimeter holes, speeding re-assembly. 

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