ISO certification for hydraulic valve manifolds

Hydraulic valve manifolds from IMI Precision Engineering have recently got a certification for compliance with EN ISO 13849-1:2008 – “Safety of machinery – Safety-related parts of control systems”.

Hydraulic valve manifolds

Primarily used in mobile and pendulum plate presses, the IMI Buschjost 4/2 way hydraulic valve manifolds 83165 and 83185 have been subjected to extensive independent testing and hazard and risk assessments in order to reliably meet the safety function “move into basic position at every taking back of the supply pressure”. EN ISO 13849-1 is a fundamental safety standard and relates to the safety of the design and integration of safety parts within control systems, and assigns a performance level (PL) rating according to the probability of dangerous failures per hour. The hydraulic valve manifolds from IMI Precision Engineering have been awarded PL d which means they are certified to control the compressed parts of a press at the beginning of each cycle safely, starting backwards, even under critical conditions.

The extensive testing of these products, completed at TÜV Rheinland, has ensured and proven full compliance with all relevant safety standards and the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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