ITIS opens new testing facility

ITIS has recently declared that, due to their growth, they are moving to a new, modern, safe and energy efficient test facility in Goes, The Netherlands. The new location will provide customers with high quality services. Depending on the clients’ requirements, ITIS provides techniques such as Leak testing, Valve testing, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and Tube testing.

The company also offers tube testing Eddy Current, PSEC, RFEC, IRIS and special eddy current inspections of ferromagnetic tube materials with two eddy current technologies, PSECand RFEC. The Partial Saturated Eddy Current technology is useful to detect and evaluate small volume defects like pitting corrosion.

Leak testing is a highly precise means of leak detection and is used to locate and quantify leaks in a wide variety of industries and applications. The independent test facility at ITIS B.V. is one of the most advanced valve test facilities in Europe. Type testing of prototype valves is usually done via an extended test program, the most stringent leakage rate criteria are applicable for type approval testing.

With Non-destructive testing (NDT) welds, piping, valves and other materials can be analyzed for the presence of invisible defects without causing damage to the material. All NDT methods are developed to create visual evidence of defects in materials, which would normally not be visible without these methods.

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