John Crane expands pipeline seal family

John Crane, a rotating equipment solutions company, supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries, announced the launch of two new products designed for refined and light hydrocarbon products. 
The Type 8628VSC and both new versions of the Type 8648VRS (for flashing and non-flashing hydrocarbon duties) use a non-pusher secondary seal (NPSS) device that provides the most robust industry solution to secondary seal contamination and hangs up.
Product features include: Primary seal combinations for flashing and non-flashing hydrocarbons (8648VRS); Non-contacting secondary seal capable of full pipeline pressure in failure conditions (8628VSC); NPSS made from non-compressible flexible elastomer eliminates secondary seal hang-up; and Balanced seal designs.
In 2017, John Crane launched the 8648VRS crude oil pipeline seal incorporating a unique NPSS providing unbeatable reliability for between bearings-style pumps on crude oil pipelines. Two years later, the company launched the SCB secondary containment device for API Plan 66A containment.
Since launched, the 8648VRS platform has been successfully adopted by almost all major pipeline operators in North America who recognized the sealing challenges created by pump-induced shuttling and abrasive wear when using a conventional pusher seal. These same operators also have thousands of miles of non-crude pipelines transporting finished products and natural gas liquids. Because their non-crude pumps also exhibit similar shuttling challenges, John Crane developed a new solution.
Both new products leverage patented John Crane NPSS technology, providing a robust light hydrocarbon pipeline industry solution, and deliver performance that current competitive offerings are unable to match. Also, they offer a proven solution to the expanding market for pipeline seals.
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