John Crane’s SGR system

John Crane has announced the launch of the Seal Gas Recovery (SGR) System—a technical solution for dry gas seal vent recovery needs, achieving zero-emissions operations while reducing capital requirements.
John Crane’s SGR System is an important aspect of emissions reduction efforts and is designed to work with tandem seal installations where the leakage is routed to the flare line and burned as waste. The SRG System recovers the seal leakage and diverts the gas stream back into the process to be used in other applications, minimizing the release of these emissions.
“Meeting energy needs while keeping sustainability and cost top of mind is crucial for our customers,” said Stefano Rossi, Portfolio Director of Gas Compression. “John Crane’s new SGR System helps solve both challenges by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting valuable product losses through the recovery and repurposing of high-cost process gas, helping to achieve annual cost savings by reuse through emission abatement and trading. The SGR System is capable of capturing 100% of primary vent gas during normal operation.”

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