Just how Total is your TVM?

By David Sear

Here’s a question that has been at the back of my mind for quite a time.

What exactly is TVM – or total valve management to give it its full name?

Now I have an answer, courtesy of a fortuitous meeting with two seasoned industry professionals, Tim Milne and John Mair from EnerMech.

In essence, they patiently explained, total valve management comprises all the services and support that end users may need during the lifetime of their valves.

For example, that can include supply, inspection, testing, commissioning, servicing, repair, etc etc.

Now, finding a supplier who can offer TVM can obviously be a real benefit for end users, as it frees them up to focus on their core business.

And that brings me to something else I have learned about this topic.

Namely that whilst many companies may be good at meeting one or two valve issues, hardly anyone can really offer a complete valve management package.

Enter EnerMech, which is setting out to prove that a single company can do just that.


EnerMech’s Tim Milne and John Mair know all about Total Valve Management.

Business Development Manager – Valves Mr Milne explains: “EnerMech is a mechanical solutions & services company, started in 2008, that has grown strongly through organic growth and the acquisition of established companies offering complementary services.”

“We quickly set up business units providing comprehensive services for equipment such as crane services, hose fitting, supply & management, rigging & lifting, personnel prevision and training, Hydraulics and Process and Pipeline.”

Satisfied clients then started to ask whether EnerMech might broaden the range of services on offer by adding a business line for valve supply & servicing.

The decision was soon taken, and EnerMech quickly forged good relations with valve manufacturers to facilitate the servicing and repair of all valve types and leading brands.

This close relationship also allows EnerMech to provide engineering solutions and technical support as well as the supply of new valves, both for urgent shutdown needs and long-term projects.

Incidentally, servicing can performed at EnerMech’s well-appointed workshop in Aberdeen or even on-site, explains Mr Milne.

“We are designing and building mobile workshops which are ideal for on the spot repair of remote valves during commissioning, etc. For example, consider valves located in the Middle East desert or on an unmanned oil/gas installation.”

Quite clearly, EnerMech is determined to provide all the TVM elements that a client might require.

But having these services on offer is only part of the equation, insists Mr Mair.

“What makes EnerMech unique is that we do not impose a standard way of working but rather listen to the customer and tailor-make a system geared to their actual valve requirements.”

Mr Mair, who is EnerMech’s General Manager in Qatar, added that clients throughout the Middle East were following valve developments in Aberdeen with interest.

“My clients are telling me that they want EnerMech to extend our TVM offering to this region as well.”

“So watch this space, as we plan to expand the service into our facility in Jebel Ali in the UAE as well.”

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