KG Basin pipeline project

PSL Ltd has recently bagged an order worth USD 21 million for the gas field known as KG-DNN-98/3, within the KG Basin in the Bay of Bengal, India. Mr DN Sehgal director of PSL said “The gas find being developed by RIL lies in Water Depths ranging from 400m in the NW to over 2000m in the SE, and requires very special anti-corrosion and offshore concrete weight coating. The work is to be carried out with an extremely tight schedule demanding high levels of technical competence since the first two lots of Bare Line Pipe have already been received by the Company at its coating yard in Vizag.” The scope work also includes the design, engineering, supply, and installation of sacrificial anodes, fabrication and coating of induction bends, and other allied works like fabrication of spools at Kakinada.
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