Kinetrol spring return units

Spiral torsion springs are found in many places like the clocks, watches, timers. The new Kinetrol spring return units are capable of storing much more energy than a typical compression spring, and working in smaller, more compact packages, spiral torsion springs for valve and damper actuation are a proven step-up over helical compression springs.

When a torque is applied to a spiral torsion spring, an angular displacement is created between the first and second loading points, the coil deflects (tightens), and the spring material is placed under stress, exerting a linear (to the degree of rotation) rotational “output” torque, which drives the spring’s rotation. Practically speaking, spiral torsion springs allow for lower torque loss, lower torque stress, and much greater reliability for use in valve and damper actuation.

Along with the inherent advantages of spiral torsion springs, additional benefits of the Kinetrol spring return unit are separate housing for modular assembly, easily retrofitted. Its sealed, non-breathing housing: Protects spring in corrosive environments. Adjustable pretension for ‘balanced’ air and spring stroke torques: Various combinations available for balanced / optimized torques at various air pressures. The combination of the spiral torsion spring reliability plus the advanced engineering design allow Kinetrol to offer a guarantee against failure of the spring unit for the lifetime of the mating actuator.

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